Compliance Services

Compliances Issues

Banking and Compliance:
Manage and implement Financial Accounting, Cash Management/Investments, including Financial Analysis/Results of Operations.

  • Prepare all documents for bank compliance in regards to lines of credit and other banking requirements
  • Provide forensic accounting services in situations where there is an issue with fraud or miss handling of funds

Healthcare Compliance:

Our group brings over 20 years of reimbursement experience in Medicare and Medicaid compliance for all types of medical facilities. Our knowledge of the industry brings value to our clients.

  • Provide cost reporting, patient and management reports for cash plus patient accounting and management reporting services
  • Compliance on current regulations as they are issued in the time frame required

Due to the laws changing in 2010 for Medicare and Medicaid, the ability to work with any software is the key to the process.

Human Resources:
We provide expertise in all functional areas of Human Resources to allow our clients to manage their most important asset - their people. Our services include:

  • Selecting cost-effective benefits plans and developing risk management strategies
  • Sourcing the administration of the hiring and termination processes
  • Providing a complete step-by-step process for on-boarding of employees from interviewing to selection to orientation
  • Designing ongoing employee development training and performance management systems
  • Implementing payroll systems with cost reporting, benefits costs and a paid time off plan

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