Our Approach

Bringing Wall Street Level Service to Main Street

Taylor Holladay founded Apollo Global Advisors to bring Wall Street level service to Main Street.  Apollo targets small and midsized companies, with special emphasis on medical device companies, medical practices, sports and entertainment firms and select energy services firms. Its experienced advisors help clients achieve a work/life balance by streamlining their companies and reaching their goals.

Apollo is connected to a large network of high net-worth individuals and investors, which means that it can get deals done quickly.

Most strategic advisory service firms who work with small-to-midsized companies fail to recognize that strategic guidance is what is often needed most.  With this in mind, Apollo is founded on three success pillars to meet the growth and development needs of its clients:

  • Maintain a selective client roster: We seek clients who are excited about the opportunities that are just out of their reach and welcome experienced advisors to help them achieve their full potential.

  • Listen first, then plan: No two situations are the same, so Apollo Global Advisors approach each new engagement with a fresh set of eyes and no preconceived plans.

  • Always deliver on promises: Clients count on Apollo for advisory services to guide them through critical company challenges.